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Three for Three!! Three of my favorite poems I've written

Hi, I hope you enjoy these poems I've written!

  1. Growing

They urged me to grow,

so I grew deep-shade wings,

patterned and lilac-blue to help me soar.

They wanted me to wrap myself in armor,

so I sewed a quilt made of stars,

draped it over the icy tendrils of snow,

And watched my lights spread across the sky.

They wanted me to understand darkness,

or maybe it was the world they wanted me to experience

so I closed my drapes and waited,

To give the dark a hug

They said I needed a well-paying job,

I shook hands with the soil,

danced in the rain, carrying a tune,

plunged into rainbows and offered a hand

And that was well-paying enough.

They wanted me to be the good girl who listened,

told me opportunities were limited,

for a brown girl like me,

anyone different.

They wanted me to let life do my living.

I grew the grass with my words,

told them life is a speckled sky of patterns,

I wouldn't let the blank canvas form,

artists taking certain colors to paint the world with.

Life is a jump rope swinging around,

the water hose streaming eager kids

a kiss, a positive note

a single breath filling a silent room,

icicles hanging from bare branches,

each window into new worlds.

They wanted me to grow,

so I did.

2. Smiling Universe

Am I ever going to be enough?

before the daunting eyes of life

Cool mist peppers the Earth

droplets of ink-stained rivers flooding the banks

Every story penned on paper runs blurred

feathers rain from bowl-shaped skies

growing older and abandoned

hasty attempts at savoring this youth

I entomb the hatred of my own people

jostling memories and crunching leaves wavering

knowing the wrenching feeling of screaming

Learning everyday

My palms digging in the mud and thick resin of planting life

Not knowing of the world

obsolete to innocence

Perhaps we're all leaves drifting in the wind

questioning existence, questioning the purpose

revealing the milky sky, stars, and wishes

surprising smiling universe, smiling down at me

Trying to taste it, lap it up

understanding the churning space inside me

Violets weaving

waterfalls and speckled beauties linger within

Xenagogue of space teaching me

You are not alone

zen tranquility dances over my smiling universe

3. Yūgen (see picture for definition)

Infinite stardust comprising atoms matter rebirthed, reused in the creation voluminous mysteries unfolding into... shapeless beings, drifting about the listless skies Mother's hands dig into crisp blues building a dome where our pride flies higher into the patches clouds, grass, covered by plated roads Earth's belly, her core made out of the bangs of the universe bacterium formed and adapted into specks of dust --intelligent specks called homo sapiens --intelligent yūgen seeking answers and not satisfied Multiverse ahead, our heads too enlarged for our size shipped off in rockets, our minds soar above the dome she has lovingly crafted to keep us safe But we crave the endless space to discover--or conquer--the unknown. Sterile universe? that wonder keeps us wondering and taking labored breaths in forged anticipation of the beyond. We comprise of longing atoms stuck together revolving around the flaming sun and stars. Yūgen that grips our essence.

4. Fine, I know I said 3, but this one is just here for your amusement. It's'll see.

Imaginary Owl Pet

owls, yes the bird,

the best pet one could ask for,

no leash, no pet food,

all that's needed is a small place,

for it to reside,

and a name,

some dead mice if you want,

but really, that's only a simple choice.

(just look it up on Amazon).

cuddly, sweet, innocent, predators,

my second-grade discovery,

since then,

my favorite animal.

don't try and find me when it destroys,

your furniture,

or maybe tries to attack the gerbil.

Owls rule.

Well, thanks for reading! I promise I'll write a new thing for next time. I just wanted to share these poems with you! If you want to read more of my poems, tell me in the comments! I'll post some more soon, maybe. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!


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