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Books and Events 

This page is dedicated to the writing projects and events I'm in the process of creating. Though I've had one book signing-related event in the past, I'm hoping to build my platform even further through my next book. If you're interested in purchasing my book,  read on for more information! I have also been published in Cathartic Literary Magazine and an anthology (linked below) . 



My Published Book 

This is my book, "Different", which got published on Amazon in April of 2021. All of the profits I make from this book will get donated to an organization called Treehouse CAC of Montgomery County Maryland. I ended up reaching my goal of raising over $1000 for Treehouse. The link to my book is on the Home page, and a brief synopsis is on the Amazon page. I hope to reach more readers through this blog, so, thank you so much!!!!! 

The Athleta event

In May of 2021, I was sponsored by the Rockville branch of the Athleta store's Power of She campaign to host a book signing at their store! 


Introducing: Eleventh Hour

a short story and poetry anthology to which I contributed over ten pieces! Check it out on Amazon as an ebook or in print (link below)

Look out for more projects coming soon!

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