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Image by Arnel Hasanovic

Welcome to my blog; these are my stories. 

I am a passionate author and mental health advocate who aspires to pursue a field in psychology. This is my story:


A few years ago, I started this small blog as a time capsule for my journey, both as a creative writer and a STEM enthusiast who is striving to learn more about life through new experiences! As a writer who came from over 200 rejections and neglected emails and over the span of two years expanded her platform to over 15 literary publications, my goal is to empower and uplift young creatives. Through these posts, I will share what I have learned about leadership, advocacy, taking care of your mental health while balancing stressful situations, and the writing process. Welcome to a supportive space for ideas and intersectionality: let's grow together. You can reach out with questions or if you would like advice regarding the publishing process/outreach initiatives via email, Instagram, or my literary magazine; Sonderful Writings. 

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