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Past work->a journey toward progress

In this entry, I just want to highlight two poems that I wrote in the summer because compared to the summer of 2022 (can you believe it is already February?), I feel as though my writing capabilities and scope have broadened. Though the current school year has been challenging, I've grown in many ways, and as a sort of self-celebration, posted below are two poems you can read and compare to my more recent pieces/publications (seen in my updated projects tab!!) Hope you enjoy and laugh to yourself at the messy parts of these unedited pieces :)

Round Two

The first day of the week is always chess,

the angular pieces shifted about the board

as the land and people move with,

each calculated nudge

Black and white squares,

stand-ins for pieces shaped like horses and


Two men barter over a world awash in grays

they play for hours,

hard plastic chairs squirming, bets piling

chests gasping for breath under their thick suits

paled ashen hair, painted-over faces drawing on,

the factory smoke fueling their


Today is round two

the men sit, one takes out a HasbroTM box,

beginning battleship hands encased in white gloves,

Process of elimination

one looks up, swallowing,

his faint whiskers twitching above his


They place paperweights on their board to keep,

tiny figurines anticipating to topple the mountains from toppling themselves

meaty fingers hovering over a doomed spot on the board,

he misses the tanker ship but where the red pin fits onto its peg


a dot on a map where corpses pile up to form a bridge across the sea


it’s all about strategy, my friend

Better luck next time

Tomorrow it rains,

and the next day a new player sits

on the opposite end of the table

they drink distilled wine and lower their balding heads

Round one,



there once was a time when I forgot how to breathe

stop thinking, stop thinking

and the more I thought, the more my lungs contracted,

but refused to expand

there once was a time when I forgot how to smile

stop thinking, stop thinking

but the noises in my head fought for their dictatorship,

my smile was too lopsided and heavy

there once was a time when I forgot my name,

keep thinking, keep thinking

the words were there but the meaning was lost

Why am I here, again?

Just as another reminder, please check out the updated version of my 'projects' tab to see what I've been up to lately! If you have thoughts about the poems or any other posts you'd be interested in reading, please share them in the comments. Let's broaden our horizons together ;D


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