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4 Paradoxes About Human Nature ~ random thoughts

Author's Note: I took a 3 month break from posting to get used to school, but I'm back! From now on I'm either going to post once a week or once every two weeks. It'll vary based on the week. As always, I'd love to read your thoughts on my posts in the comments! Thanks :)

Humankind is interesting to say the least. We're very advanced, and our kind's future can influence the futures of so many other living organisms on this planet. Maybe somewhere out there in the void of space there are other intelligent life forms, but for now we're on our own. Our brains are impossibly complex, every part of our bodies unique and still evolving.

Human nature, however, is something else entirely.

I'd like to share a few paradoxes about human nature that I find really fascinating, and I hope you enjoy reading them too. (These aren't scientifically proven or anything. They're just my random thoughts.)

1. Emotion makes us human and makes us monsters

Humans are extremely expressive. We laugh, we cry, we throw things across our room and regret it later. We value family and open our hearts to giving back to others. Emotion binds humankind together because we all have feelings (well, most of us do) and we can relate to those feelings. We give back to others because of emotion and comfort others when they're sad. On the other hand, those who manipulate emotions, especially fear, trigger dangerous reactions that can start wars. Fights. Crime. Anger. Hate itself has caused more problems than solutions.

Emotions are a tricky thing to navigate. They cause turmoil inside but can also provide an outlet for new beginnings. Since the majority of us have no control over our emotions sometimes, we can either use our expressiveness for a good cause, or become monsters driven by resentment/fear.

2. Each thing we discover makes us feel that we know nothing about the world, and yet we still strive to understand the universe we live in. 

One solution leads to ten more problems so it seems. The more we open up to discovering the secrets of the universe and space, the more we realize we don't know. The one things humans are is resilient and persevere, even though it may seem that the more awareness we have to global issues the more issues that unearths from beneath the surface.

The deeper we go to solve all of the problems in this world, we get the illusion that there are a lot of things wrong with the society we live in. Contrary to that belief, because we are aware of the problems we are taking the first step to understanding what we can do to solve them.

3. Humans have the most adaptable body/mind, but we choose to be close-minded.

Everyone struggles with being open to new ideas. We can't stand listening to other people's opinions and this is just a minor example of close-mindedness. Government officials hardly agree on anything, and when humans are put into uncomfortable situations, we begin to panic.

Still, we have the most adaptable body and brain out of any other life form on this planet. We're getting through a global pandemic right now for crying out loud, and we've survived many other terrible things! Humans have evolved and adapted, gone through multitudes of changes. We have grown to have the capability to be resilient. It's our choice whether we want to embrace that trait or shut it away.

4. Everyone has a unique perspective on life, so does that mean we all are a little reliable or we all are a little unreliable?

Humankind's unique opinions based on the individual gives the world different perspectives on issues and better ways to solve them. If everyone were exactly the same, we wouldn't be an intelligent species. Different viewpoints also means it's difficult to see who to believe and everyone has bias, so does this mean we all are a little reliable or a little unreliable?

Again, we all have our own opinions. For you you might think some of these statements aren't true, but what's most important is that there are good people in this world. Bad people exist and there's nothing we can do about that, but, in my opinion, if there are those who are willing to do the right thing, humankind has hope for an even better future. It's really all about perspective.

So, what do you think about humankind? Are we good or are we evil? Can we change? Or can we not be defined by the constraints of language? Here's one last tidbit for your thoughts that I found on a poetry site:

"To be human is to embody a paradox, for according to ancient vision, we are "less than the gods, more than the beasts, yet somehow also both". From: The Spirituality of Imperfection by Ernest Kurtz & Katherine Ketchum

Remember, there is beauty wherever you look for it.


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